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Yaşar Öz, one of the key figures in the Susurluk scandal, and İdris Melih Turgut, the son of Kurdish Ahmet, the prominent name of the underground world, entered each other. Two months ago, Yaşar Öz, who opened a gambling house called Ruby Casino in Kyrenia, the gambling paradise of the young country, made a quick dive into the underground world and found Idris Melih Turgut, the son of Kurdish Ahmet who “ruled this region” for a long time. Idris Melih Turgut, who runs the Denizkizi Hotel in Cyprus, came to Ruby Casino with his men the previous evening. The meeting, which took place in a calm atmosphere before, turned into an armed conflict with the mutual threats of the parties. When Idris Melih Turgut pulled the gun in his waist and fired it, his men suddenly shot down Yasar Öz and his group. In the conflict, which was also reflected on the security camera, Yaşar Öz was immediately taken to a sheltered area by his bodyguards.

The conflict that started inside the casino then spilled out. Melih Turgut and his men fell back with a shower of bullets, just like in the mafia clashes in the Hollywood movies. During the conflict, one of Yaşar Öz’s men, Hüseyin Dönmez, who received three bullets in his chest, died at the scene, and Musa Çakmak, who received 3 bullet wounds to his kidney and chest, died in the hospital where he was taken. Mermaid Hotel employee Necdet Kaan Kanmaz, who was shot in the mouth in the conflict, survived the incident with serious injuries.

The police arrived at the scene after the confrontation, which shocked the gambling enthusiasts at Ruby Casino, was over. Police cordoned off the casino and its surroundings, collecting many empty cartridges in the vicinity. In line with the statements of the eyewitnesses and the wounded, the police, who controlled all the entrances and exits of Kyrenia, detained 7 people, including Yaşar Öz and Melih Turgut, and sent them to the courthouse.

The moment of collision, recorded by Ruby Casino’s security cameras for seconds, shocked the police. By examining the footage, the police identified everyone involved in the conflict. In the footage, while Yaşar Öz was not using a gun, it was observed that Melih Turgut threw the opposite side into a rain of bullets.

In their first statements at the police, Yaşar Öz and Melih Turgut and his men claimed that the conflict was caused by the “credit-paying issue”. While it was claimed that Yaşar Öz owed 450 thousand dollars to Melih Turgut in gambling, the police scrutinized all the activities of the Öz and Turgut families in Kyrenia. Susurluk convict Yaşar Öz did not appear around for a long time after he was released from prison. However, when he opened a casino in Kyrenia 2 months ago, it attracted the lightning of Kurdish Ahmet and his group, who held the rent of the region.

* Yasar Oz, recently found in the recommended East Las Vegas-like casino of the opening in an interview with Ferhat Celebrities from the Weekly Magazine and “For me, choosing east a pilot of Turkey should open many casinos,” he said. In the same interview, Oz described himself as one of the three most important roulette players in the world.

* Yaşar Öz made his second marriage to Nergis Öz, 26, at a ceremony held in Kyrenia yesterday.

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