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5 grams of weed came out, I stated that I did not know that there was weed on the child, the room said that he did not know, but they took blood and urine from me, they kept a report and they released us in my blood there is a possibility that I would be punished for this incident or I would be acquitted because the substance was out of my knowledge.

My wife was caught with 12 cartridges currently in prison, but I want to know how much she gets punished, I would be glad if you answer, please.

Hello, if your spouse is already in prison for this crime, it is obvious how much prison he received. There is a prison sentence of 1 to 3 years.

Hello. My brother is in Suanda Prison because he has burned 5 Fisek on him and he said that he was a smoker, only HC did not go to prison before.

Hello, my word got drugs on it and there was a fight for 2 smokes and the other party did not complain, but the fight and 2 cigarettes in his pocket were sentenced to 1 year and 8 months because they returned to the public. User

Take it easy, my relative was 16 years old, two times, the people he took with the force of someone who took a total of 4 grams of cannabis, the police officer came out in the court last month, the father of the person who sent him testified in our favor, but the court threw the court 28 days to listen to the person whose name was called the person who was called was listened to the room I sent it inside what I did not know that the meal was fine, I sent it, and the court gave a testimony and the court threw another 28 days. What would be the result?

Hello, I was caught drinking with my friend in my car, but I have a supervised freedom file that I have already completed, my friend took on the substance, he said to me, the officers came to my statement while sitting in the car, I did not use the substance, I did not use the substance, I did not know that my friend was on it, they wrote that I have nothing to do with the incident. Will I get a probation paper?

They took my statement under the information report paper, do you think I will be sentenced to probation?

Hello, my son was at home, he was 9 Gr. He gave the police when he wanted his friend who is addicted to drug addicted heroin.

My friend talked with a bag of water and said, “ Actually, I know I am a drug dealer.

I was caught with 0.70 grams of skunk on me, they released it after going to the catacho. Will I be punished, will they give control?

my boyfriend had 9 grams of cartridges on him in prison for 6 months and gave it to his own police, but he said 3 times in prison and his friends who said different things in prison brought it to a plot and the person who called this said that he was very sick and called my boyfriend and my boyfriend gave it free of charge. He said he was in treatment, he would take self-treatment. If the lawyer gets punished, he will be punished for the statement he gave 3. I still have hope because my boyfriend is not a seller, they had their files closed, they went to the closed signature, they were done regularly and this incident made us miserable and ultimately he gave us his own home or was not caught while selling the police He takes it and it is ridiculous that the police should follow up himself, you think it is normal to give it different in 2 statements, but in his last statement he says that he gave him a small amount and he gave it free of charge, but the police did not see that he did something like that, he takes it with someone else’s mouth, I expect an answer from you, grace most 🙁

Yesterday I Caught 2 Pills With Me To Throw One Myself, I Wait For The Prosecutor To Call Me I Wonder If I Will Get Punishment When He Calls

Hello, my fiancee has been in void for 9 months under the seat of the car in which he was in the police station and he was given a false testimony in the area where he was in the police station, and there is about 1 gram of crystals in the glasses box under the seat. Now the second court’s friend, who is being tried with the same crime, will testify to him in his blood, they will show him as a drinker, and now he is accused of smoking, but now he is accused as a seller, but now he is accused as a seller. There is no fault of being a seller. This will be the first to be accused of this accusation. Do you think they will be punished or given control?

2 days ago we went to meet with friends and buy something.

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