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As a result, if the crime of drug use or possession is committed for the first time, probation is most likely given. For your information…

My brother was caught with 400 grams of marijuana in the car with his other friend in July 2018 He has not gone to court for 8 months. His lawyer says it is better for us as long as he sleeps. Diabetic has been injections twice he was in a coma His hair broke in prison.He went to a psychologist and gave sleep and stress medication Whenever we talk, he says we are on the right path, the incident was prolonged because he said that he received it from his person, the other friend is free himself, he is detained dHa he was previously released on probation. Does he receive punishment

Hello, being caught with 400 grams of drugs is generally accepted as a sign that he has this amount of substance to sell, procure or transport. In this case, it is possible to be penalized, but it is necessary to know all the details of the incident in order to make a clear interpretation. For your information…

I met with my friend, got into my car, took some marijuana out of his pocket, he told his 3 friends that he would do beauty, I found paper from the car, I opened cartridges, then my friend had fingerprints on the caught firecrackers, they called me, I gave my statement in the same way I said everything came to the house, court paper came my record as a defendant, I will get a clean penalty.

Hello, I and my friend received substance from someone. I met with the man, my friend waited by the car and there was about 15 meters between us. Plainclothes police stopped us 2 minutes after I took it. I poured it out of the window but they found what was spilled on the mat. I told my friend how we bought it to drink. I said that the statements we received are the same, but because I drank it 2 days ago, my urine was dirty. My friend did not drink for 1 year. It turned out to be clean. We told you what penalty do I get? Thanks

Hello, The related forensic case states that the findings obtained as a result of the analyzes performed show that your substance use is a forensic case. In other words, the substance has been found in your body, but the source of this is not a health problem, for example, but a direct drug abuse crime. If the crime of drug use is committed for the first time, the decision to postpone the filing of a public case is usually made and probation is applied. For your information ..

Good luck, 4 years ago I got 5 years of postponement from drugs, 6 months ago, we caught 5 arcs with 4 grams of cannabis in our trip to Istanbul.

Hello, thank you for creating a useful page, first of all, my brother was 18 years old, while he was standing next to his friend Halil, his friend had a bag and a drinker came to the person named Halil, 2 of them took the substance from the carpet and the person who took the substance came back again. At that moment, plainclothes police came and his brother, who did not run away, was taken to the police station and beat him and I assured him that he would leave him with pressure. Thanks in advance for your answer as a result of this, what happens to a child at his age.

In my statement I said that I got 1 gram for 50 liras and that I tried it once before and they released it.

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